Solar electric installations (PV)

This is the most popular solar installation at this time. Below are links to two common methods of installation; roof mount solar and ground mount solar.

  • Roof mount solar uses the roof of your house to support your solar system. These are great for houses that have a roof facing south, although this isn’t the only requirement. ¬†We will come to your site and evaluate the shading from trees and the orientation of your roof to tell you if this is an option.
  • Ground mount solar is just as it sounds the solar array is installed on piers in the ground. A metal rack is constructed to support the array and wiring is run to your main panel board.

Each of the installations has questions to ask. Some customers have noted that forget they even have solar when it’s installed on the roof. Others want it installed away from their house due to the roof orientation. download our installation checklist to see what works best for you. We would be happy to speak with you via phone or in person, just give us a call to make an appointment.