How we save our customers money

The first thing to saving money is to make a plan that fits your needs. We will sit down with you and discuss options, from there we will develop a solution with you. One size doesn’t fit all in solar. Everyone asks what is the cost to put solar on my house. A better question would be how does my cash flow change?

Here are some common installations that we frequently build:

  • Solar Electric – Solar electric systems are by farr the most common right now. If you have usable roof space OR property you can generate your own electricity on site.
  • Solar hot water – Using the sun to heat water is one of the oldest applications of solar power known. There are several options each with pro’s and cons. take a look at some of our hot water installations.
  • Geothermal – The Sun heats the ground and using the heat from the ground is what ¬†geothermal does. There are three main methods for this depending on your situation and goals. take a look at one of our installations.